We can help you pick the suite of A Better Bid services that best suit your circumstances and budget.

Write Tender or Grant Response.

Engaging an independent consultant to write a Proposal or Funding Submission will help your organisation maximise the qualitative score of the proposal. You involve A Better Bid from the time you decide to proceed with a submission.

Tender Management

Tender Management may be an investment in larger corporate proposals. A Better Bid is involved from the very start when you first become aware of the opportunity. 

Get Fit to Bid

A Better Bid should be engaged when your organisation is ready to build its Bid Library.

We do not provide costing or pricing services.

To enhance efficiency and reduce costs, we usually work via email, Zoom, and phone.

Working with A Better Bid will ensure:
  • Expert writing of your grant or tender submission.
  • A compliant, competitive, compelling, professional response with supporting documentation.
  • Improved tender or grant response processes to utilise in future endeavours.
To discuss your needs and how we can help you with winning tenders or grants, please contact us.