• If you want to tender for work but you’re unsure how or where to start, you’re in the right place.
  • A Better Bid works with you to help you choose whether to include tendering for work in your strategic growth plan.

    A Better Bid has developed a process to guide you through deciding whether to grow by tendering, choose your strategy, and map out future opportunities.

    Goals and Growth Strategic Planning

    Goals and Growth

    Making an informed choice means you need all the relevant info. But when the volume of information is large, you get overwhelmed. And instead of making an informed choice, you make no choice, putting the information away until you feel like you can deal with it.

    That’s why you need A Better Bid. We make order from chaos, turning that big chunk of data into practical, useable information. We help you distil data into knowledge, and that knowledge gives you the power you need to make the best choices for growing your business.

    If your strategy to find funding via grants or tenders resembles a deconstructed log cabin, we can help.

    Stamp your authority on your strategic growth plan by learning how to incorporate tenders or grants.

    Be the expert on efficient resource deployment by knowing how to find opportunities and assess whether they’re right for you.


    Are You Ready?

    Deciding when and how to grow your business is confronting. It’s difficult, there are countless factors to consider, and it’s hard to know who to trust. In essence, it’s a leap of faith. There are no guaranteed outcomes. Even the best-laid plans can end in a terrible result. Pandemic, anyone?

    The resource I’ve provided has immense value and is available to you at no cost. Zip. Nada. No money required now or later. All you need to do is find some time. Carve out 30 minutes. Sit down somewhere quiet with your favourite beverage, and work through the process.

    There are two possible outcomes if you do this properly, and both are good.

    1. You make a conscious and confident choice to invest in growing your business by tendering for work or applying for grants.
    2. You decide that tendering isn’t for you. It might be that it’s not right for now. It might be that it’s not right for you ever. Either way, you’ve made a decision and won’t waste your time and energy pursuing a goal that’s not right for you.

    Now, back to why I am giving away free resources. It is to my benefit to have clients who are ready to work with me. You are prepared to invest the resources required to create your growth strategy and know it won’t happen overnight.
    And if it’s not for you, I will keep my promise not to put you on any mailing lists.

    Download and complete the Goals and Growth? exercise.


    How can a business grow by grants?

    Not-for-profits and charities are more likely to apply for grants. That said, there are grants for innovation that for-profit businesses could pursue.

    But what about the government stimulus grants in response to COVID? Are there more of those coming?

    There will always be government grants for business, but they are unlikely to be the same as those released in 2020.

    Ready to win that next tender or grant?
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