• Instead of stressing out about last-minute submissions, build a library of content you use for every grant or tender.

    Do you know whether you’re ready to tender for work or apply for grants? Why not use my handy guide to find out?

    Am I Fit to Bid?

    Fit to Bid

    There’s a familiar cycle of frustration felt by business owners who want to win work by tendering or apply for a grant. Often you lack time, or you’re not confident you can write a good response. And if you overcome these challenges, something happens – and your attention and resources are diverted elsewhere.

    “Maybe next time.”

    Repeat this a few times a year, and you’re stuck. You know you provide excellent service and have the capacity for more work but struggle to bridge the gap between your current position and your goal.

    • I want to grow my business.
    • Tender for your dream contract is released.
    • You can do the work well and want to apply.
    • The client wants a lengthy, detailed, and complex response – that you don’t have time to write.
    • The cat gets ringworm and you need to spend three days cleaning and sanitising yourself, your clothes, and your house.
    • Maybe next time.

    Access a suite of quality documents that help your clients understand why you’re brilliant at what you do.

    No more gnashing your teeth when your Arch Enemy wins work that you know you can do better.

    The satisfaction of articulating your strengths and knowing your weaknesses are minimised.

    The confidence of knowing you can submit a quality proposal to any grant or tender you want.


    Are You Ready?

    It’s hard to understand the process of tendering for work or applying for a grant. There are stacks of websites and portals to navigate, and each one has a slightly different format. There are acronyms galore, questions that don’t make sense, and tight deadlines. How do you match what you do with all this paperwork?

    Getting Fit to Bid is an investment that will provide benefits immediately and in the long term. The framework is the same for every business in every industry. Creating and curating your content library is simple but not easy.

    This is for you if you know you want to grow your business by tendering for work and applying for grants, and you want the process to be effective and efficient. You’re ready to include your team and work together to capture your strengths. You want to identify the gaps and vanquish them. You know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and investing about three months to get Fit to Bid is a wise choice.

    You might not be ready now or ever. And that’s okay. Like the Goals and Growth exercise, understanding your goals and achieving them is a great outcome. A conscious and confident decision NOT to do something is empowering.

    The guarantee of no spam remains. I will keep my promise not to put you on any mailing lists just because you downloaded the Am I Fit to Bid? resource.

    If you would like to know how to untangle the language of grants and tenders and the common elements of an effective, quality response, complete the Am I Fit to Bid? Exercise.


    Seriously, why not?

    Well, it’s theft of Intellectual Property. And in addition to the legal, moral, and ethical implications of this, a content library is created for an individual organisation. You’re not describing your unique selling points if you’re using content generated for someone else.

    I don’t have time to invest in getting Fit to Bid now, as there’s a tender due soon for which I want to submit a proposal. What should I do?

    It’s still possible to write a good response. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort creating content. Ensure you have or can get all the required supporting documents (e.g. financial statements, insurance certificates of currency).

    Ready to win that next tender or grant?
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