• When it’s time to write the proposal, but you don’t have time, lack confidence, or just don’t want to do it – A Better Bid can help.
  • I help my clients untangle the paperwork associated with tenders and grants. With my help, they use the words they already have to prove their worth – just in a different way.

    Here is all the info you need to unpack the tender documents, plan your approach, and write the response.

    Get Ready to Conquer that Tender!

    Conquer that Tender

    The contract you’ve been bursting to win has come up for tender. You log on to the website and download the documents. Brimming with enthusiasm and optimism, you picture how great it’s going to be when you win the job.

    Then you see the due date. It’s in three weeks. Okay, no big deal.

    Next, you read the documents. They don’t make a lot of sense. The language is a bit odd – what on earth is “methodology”, anyway? And the amount of supporting information required is eye-watering.

    In a matter of moments, you’ve gone from imagining the feeling of victory to reconsidering your life choices. All those years of learning and honing your craft seem like a waste when you can’t express your authority and expertise.

    You know your business can do the work and do it well. But where do you start? And how do you put into words the things that make your work unique?

    Outsource the time-consuming work of planning and writing the proposal.

    Understanding what information is essential and where to find it boosts confidence.

    Decoding what each question means and how to best address it increases efficiency.

    The satisfaction of submitting a proposal with ease and confidence.


    Are You Ready?

    Conquer that Tender! is designed for businesses with all the components needed to write a compelling proposal but need help writing it.

    You have all the resources to fulfil the contract – a crack team, excellent systems and processes, and the documents to back it all up. If only you didn’t hate writing, or there were more than 24 hours in a day! Perhaps one of your key players is away, and you just can’t stretch the remaining resources enough to write the response and do a good job.

    Don’t worry. I’ve got you.

    This is not for you if you think paying a professional to write a fantastic proposal will make up for a gap in systems and processes. For instance, if the eligibility requirements include documented Environmental Policies and you don’t have them, I can’t write them for you. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that you can solve by throwing money at it.

    As usual, A Better Bid remains a spam-free zone. Your details won’t be entered onto a mailing list if you download the resources.

    If you want to understand the tendering process to be better prepared for the next opportunity, download the Get Ready to Conquer that Tender! resource.


    Can I use the answers for previous proposals in this one?

    Some information doesn’t need to be personalised, such as insurances. For other questions, while you might repurpose previous material, I don’t recommend a straight copy and paste.

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