About Us

At A Better Bid, we have experience in creating, writing, and managing compelling bid and grant responses. Exposure to a broad range of industries has honed our ability to drill down to what the Client wants, and prepare a response that showcases how your Company is best placed to meet current and future, unarticulated, needs.


Our approach is streamlined, with clear and concise responses to each evaluation criteria. The work is presented professionally, in a manner we consider the Client will find appealing.


A Better Bid was created by Toni Raso, who decided that after more than 20 years in the workforce that offering her skills to people on a more personal basis would allow her to offer the customer service many were missing. Toni has extensive experience writing and managing bid and grant responses and has experience in companies ranging in size from small, local, family-owned businesses through to multinationals. Industries include Education, Health, Cleaning, Security, Law, Marketing, Manufacturing, Disability Providers, ICT, Recruitment, and Facilities Management. With significant experience working in both public and private sectors, formal postgraduate qualifications reinforce her experience. 


In addition to her experience working for others and helping them grow their businesses, Toni has co-owned another small business since 2015. This combination of work and life experiences lends her a unique perspective when approaching the creation of a bid or grant response.


Dedicated and creative, diligent and tenacious – A Better Bid is the business to help yours grow.