A Better Bid is a grant and tender writing service.

Writing grant and tender submissions requires significant time. If your organisation is growing, you may not yet have dedicated, internal resources that are committed to this aspect of your business development. You may be experiencing a busy period and be unable to dedicate yourself to the proposal in your usual manner. It may be that your organisation would benefit from input from an impartial third party.  

Is this you? A Better Bid can help!

A Better Bid (ABN 96 809 297 284 ) is a boutique professional services firm based in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses a tender or grant writing service?

Tender or grant writing services are utilised by all sorts of businesses, from sole traders through to large companies that operate in several countries.

Can you help us decide whether to submit a response?

Absolutely! We can work with you to develop guidelines that evaluate the expected return on investment. The procedure can be applied to all future opportunities, helping you concentrate on your core business.

Will you write the entire response for us?

Your input will be needed to address questions specific to your business, and you will need to prepare any pricing required. The information required may already be at your fingertips, in the form of prior submissions or reports. We’ll work to ensure your time is used efficiently and effectively.

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